Raymarine ITC-5 Konverter

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Raymarine iTC-5 Instrument Transducer Converter 
Transducer signals are easily converted to SeaTalkng

iTC-5 Instrument Transducer Converter Features
The Raymarine iTC-5 converts analogue transducer signals used in i70, ST70+ and ST70 instrument systems to SeaTalkng.
Transducers for Speed/Temperature, Depth, Wind, Rudder Angle and Fluxgate Compass can be connected to the one iTC-5 unit, eliminating the need for multiple ST70 pods.
Extended STng systems can support multiple iTC-5 units.
SeaTalkng connections at the base of the unit simply connect the iTC-5 unit into the SeaTalkng backbone.
Please note the ST40/i40/i50/i60 and ST60+ displays cannot calibrate the iTC-5. Only the i70 has full transducer calibration. The ST70/ST70+ can calibrate the Depth, Wind
and Speed/Temp transducers (not Rudder or Compass).
If you don't have an ST70/ST70+ or i70 in your system, then the ST40/i40/i50/i60/ST60+ displays must be interfaced directly to the relevant analogue transducers

Raymarine Retired Product
The Fluxgate Compass is now retired and no longer supported. All instances here are for reference purposes only.

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